ERP Implementation

We are a reliable ERP Implementation Partner with insights in operational and technical best practices. We can properly assess and suggest the right roadmap for your organisation so as to maximise the ROI of the investment while minimising the impact of operations and the costs involved in such a substantial investment.

We recommend the scalable but also flexible ERP system that is Microsoft Dynamics 365®. D365 can integrate with your current information infrastructure, consolidate your information systems and provide insight on current business operations and their progress towards your vision for the organisation.

Keys to success


What you need

Our Approach


An ERP Implementation Partner who has the necessary expertise in business process reengineering and the ERP Software solution so that the project does not just mirror current operations onto a newer system.

A Partner who can foresee whether any changes to the standard ERP product are necessary, and if yes, that they do not impact the performance of the ERP and any integrated systems negatively.

Our team of consultants will assist you in identifying any changes to business and operational processes that will help you manage your business more efficiently. We will present to you the best practices that will help you improve your operations and discuss short, medium term and long-term solutions.

Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365® will help us foresee the impact of possible implementation options and suggest the best solution to avoid performance and usability issues.


A reliable ERP partner who will embrace your strategy.

An investment in an ERP is not a one-off transaction. As your business evolves, you need that peace of mind that when needed, you can turn to your reliable Partner to deliver.

We have been introduced to large projects led by International Suppliers where we had to save them from failure often because the Supplier oversold a product’s capabilities. We only onboard projects for which we can provide the right support and expertise to successfully deliver the project.


An ERP Implementation Partner with the maturity to guide your focus – so you do not lose sight of your objectives because of a scope creep. An ERP implementation who is all about business process optimisation whilst also keeping an eye on your future aspirations. Implementation changes need to be phased so as to maximise their effectiveness.

Our objective is to build a long-term relationship with our customers and help them reach their goals. We have built our reputation by embracing these values.

We support a Phased Agile Project Methodology Framework which ensures a faster ERP roll out, so, effectively you will be seeing the benefits of your investment earlier. We will then constantly work with you to continuously optimise your business operations so they reflect best practices.


An ERP Implementation Partner that respects budgeted costs and does not add hidden charges either throughout the implementation or post implementation that could jeopardise the ROI of the investment.

Your ERP Partner should ensure that the cost of the recommended ERP is fit for your business.

At Carabao, we offer a fair agile pricing model which aims to offer transparency and reassurance that our deliverables are constantly to your expectations. This enables you to clearly and constantly measure the ROI of your investment in our services with no surprises.


Synergy within your organisation and with the ERP Implementation Partner – all working together towards achieving the Project objectives.

Our Engagement team will embrace your organization’s values and aspirations because we believe that synergy is essential for a successful collaboration.

We have experienced first hand how differences in core values, work ethic and conflicting objectives are at the centre of troubled collaborations. This is the main motivation for us to not only focus on business objectives but also on business values.

Visibility & Measurability

Simplicity is key to the success of an ERP implementation. The breakdown of the implementation into manageable parts ensures that there is full visibility of what to expect, progress made, and to easily quantify the results. The Limitation of Scope at every stage enables us to focus, prioritise, and achieve what is being sought for.

Discovery Phase

The Discovery phase is a great opportunity for you to better understand the implications of an ERP implementation and the benefits that an ERP can deliver to your business. During this phase we will identify the best approach to adequately implement an ERP within your business. We will also perform gap analysis for adequately modelling your business process in software solutions and last but not least we will identify the costs and duration for project delivery.


The scope of this phase is to go live with a focused implementation of Dynamics 365. This will enable a faster Go-Live. From the initial feedback, we will further optimise current processes and introduce additional non-Core areas into the ERP.


This a 3-month period immediately after Go-Live where support is more intensive and is delivered by the implementation team. During this stage, users are still learning to use the solution and this usually results in some change requests that need to be fast tracked.

Continuous Improvement

We will create a Continuous Improvement cycle to optimise your ERP implementation even further. We will work together in identifying the ever-changing business needs and how we can use the power of Dynamics 365® to address your requirements.