Carabao is a team of Dynamics 365/AX experts whose ethos is to help Microsoft Partners in any of their new or ongoing projects by offering our technical expertise.

We have been working in the ERP industry for a while now, and through our experience working with our fellow Microsoft Partners we acknowledged the challenges faced when a project is in urgent need for experienced, high-end developers in Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX.

The echoing sentiment is that the current alternatives to direct recruitment are far from ideal and the industry is in need for a reliable solution to turn to.

In this presentation we address your challenges to find the right developers, the current market solutions and how having Carabao as your reliable business partner may be the solution you have been looking for.

What are your challenges?

Time & Money

You do not have time to search for the individual talent who can hit the ground running. You do not have the time to nurture young talent. 

It is too expensive to hire local developer or technical architect.


The long sales cycle and the current shift from Dynamics AX 2012 to 365 brings about a degree of uncertainty which makes it quite a challenge to come up with long term staffing forecasts.

You never know if the new recruits will integrate easily into your teams and match your work ethic.


Your team may require professional technical guidance on the latest practices from senior developers.

You need a team that will have the necessary experience to match your projects standards.

What are the market solutions?

An external contractor

An offshore Outsourcing company

The right high-quality contractor you require might be unavailable

A contractor might move to another project rather than extend their contract

An contractor may not help your team to develop their skills 


A contractor could be too expensive for your project’s budget

The quality of the Partner’s work might not be up to your standards

They might not integrate well with your current technical team

Scheduling difficulties due to the time difference would result in downtime and communication problems

A non-EU partner would not be able to be onsite quickly

The Carabao solution

We will assign you a highly-skilled developer/technical architect,
or a dedicated team for the entire length of your project based on your requirements. 

Time & Money You do not have time to search for the individual talent who can hit the ground running. Rushing the recruitment process might result in recruits who are not the right fit for your company. We will assign the right experts from our team who can uphold your quality standards and save you time and money on recruitment.
You do not have the time to nurture young talent. If you urgently need expert developers, you can rely on our experienced solution-oriented experts to address your Client’s needs head on.
It is too expensive to hire local developer or technical architect contractors. Our rates are very competitive and offer a great value for money.
Uncertainty Long term staffing forecasts You can ask for an expert developer, technical architect or a team whenever you require. We have a policy of always helping our Partners first before taking on any new projects. We have regular open conversations to keep up to date with your current project schedules.
Lack of Team cohesion We are a strong team of like-minded individuals who share the same work values. If like us, you also go for a solution-oriented approach, it will be easy for us to build something great together. Plus, we operate in Malta which really minimises time difference issues.
What if you need onsite work? Malta, a full member of the European Union is at the doorstep of all Western European locations and well connected to the rest of the world.
Experience The quality of the work will not be up to your standards Our team has 5-10+ years experience in Dynamics 365 FO/AX. We take pride in meeting and exceeding our Partners’ expectations. We get there through detailed discussions, constant feedback loops, and seeing your requirements through to completion.
You need your team to develop their skills rather than rely on contractors We love to share best practices. We have a rigorous recruitment process which ensures that anyone joining us embraces our work ethic and values towards knowledge sharing, teamwork and leadership.

Our Partners include: