What is the fuss with Employer Branding?

The term Employer Branding is gaining traction again after LinkedIn’s marketing of their Company and Career pages. They have a great ebook on the subject which can be found here. The premise is simple –the talent out there need to know why they should be interested in possibly joining your organisation.

Interestingly enough, while HR departments use social media to screen candidates, many organisations fail to realise that candidates are also referring to social media for their own background research – Glassdoor and alike.

The top talent out there is choosing their next employer wisely because they seek an environment who can aid them in them their career and personal development. A report by LinkedIn shows how the Company website is the first thing they refer to in making this assessment.

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The feeling I get from many company websites is that unfortunately, the Careers page is just about inviting candidates to send their CV. It does not give enough information about the workplace culture to help the candidate evaluate what he or she would be in for.

I am afraid that this could be coming from the fact that many companies fail to realise that recruitment is an opportunity to start a mutually beneficial relationship which, if nurtured, will grow over the years.

I understand that with employee mobility being so high, you might consider taking a step back from putting a lot of effort in building strong relationships with employees. 

Richard Branson’s famous quote is applicable here:

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to."

But, what if they leave anyway?
Apart from money spent in training, there is also the less mentioned fact of the emotional aspect of the break up. You would have invested a lot of personal effort in the person and it is normal to feel a sense of abandonment and possibly a grudge.

There is one big difference from a business relationship and a romantic one though:

Employees who feel that they were treated well are more inclined to be our evangelists.


You could receive an unexpected phone call with a new business opportunity, even years down the line, because that person you once worked with still treasures your work ethic.

There are also more short-term benefits to a work environment which invests personal development. You will get an edge on attracting top talent and from our experience, it creates a healthy work environment which brings out the best in people.

Business is about helping your clients AND employees achieve their aspirations.

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