Project Turnaround

Problems in ERP projects stem from various reasons but we have identified the most common ones to be conflicting values, the lack of a good Discovery Phase, a poor Implementation Roadmap, and the assignment of inexperienced staff to deal with your requirements. 

Project turnaround is the process of taking action to transform a project that has taken a route to a failing course, into an opportunity for people with different perspectives to contribute to a revised course towards success.

Keys to success


What you need

Our Approach


An ERP Partner who is able to identify the problematic aspects of a project and provides a change management roadmap that devises the corrective action that would ensure project success.

We have assisted various businesses who were struggling with a troubled project to find the right course of action. 

We can provide your organisation with a fresh perspective to push the ERP implementation project to successful completion.


An unbiased and reliable assessment, identifying the source/s of a troubled project.

Problems may lie in the lack of expertise of your current Implementation partner, lack of cooperation from your project management team, a poor understanding of business processes, and a lack of a proper fit/gap analysis.

You need an ERP partner that has experience in delivering projects successfully from start to end to help you identify any glitches within the implementation project.

We will start the process with a high-level analysis of your project’s implementation roadmap and assess whether the roadmap adequately addresses your current and future requirements.

During this stage we will perform an assessment of the work completed and perform a cost-benefit analysis for reusing the available deliverables. In some special circumstances we may evaluate a complete rework were the benefit for the business overcomes the cost of doing so, such as when the business requirements can be handled by reconfiguring standard Dynamics 365 features.


An Implementation Partner who has the right abilities to diagnose issues, identify the root causes of project failures and is able to recommend adequate solutions and corrective actions.
Our experience with dealing with such projects helps us in problem identification and we will immediately propose solution-oriented strategies for a project turnaround.


An ERP Partner who can offer realistic rates and minimize project costs such that the business does not have to go through additional struggles with its already tight budget constraints.

Our Agile pricing model is transparent and based on a phased implementation approach where we first focus on restoring a workable solution and slowly move on into optimising it.

This approach enables us to keep costs to a minimum while providing a solution which is viable for your budget constraints.


An ERP implementation specialist that is open, transparent and determined to quickly establish that synergy needed to re instil the belief that the project is worth proceeding with.
Our Investigation Phase dedicates enough time listening to your stakeholders to get a deep understanding of why the project is failing. While it is essential to analyse project problems at a high level, it is also important to understand the issues the stakeholders have witnessed from the down up.

Investigation Phase

This Phase is dedicated to the understanding of the exact issues that your ERP project is facing. The scope of such investigations span from specific hands-on problem tracing to a full Business Process Analysis depending on the state and type of issues that your project is facing. We will provide the recommended roadmap in order to turn your failing project into a success.


In this phase, we will start acting on the roadmap by addressing major pain points . The Implementation methodology will be tailor made based on the results of the Investigation Phase. By the end of this phase you will have a complete working solution that is able to address your project goals and deliver on the expected ROI.

Continuous Improvement

After project delivery we will embark on regular communication with your team so that we can establish a feedback loop and deliver recommendations for continuous improvement. You will receive the necessary support to ensure that your ERP is continuously evolving together with your business goals.