ERP Support & Upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is constantly evolving to accommodate emerging business needs and adapt to an ever-changing world. We at Carabao help your business stay abreast of changes through regular support and maintenance which ensures to keep your system running smoothly.
Business requirements and processes evolve constantly in most successful businesses. To reap the most benefits from your ERP, you need a solution that accounts for fluid business needs. When you choose us as your ERP support partner we will assist you to ensure that your ERP solution adapts and evolves to address your business needs adequately.

Keys to success


What you need

Our Approach


An ERP Partner who has the necessary experience to not only manage product upgrades and any issues but also directing the Client in putting up a roadmap for continuous improvement and realignment to best practices.
Our team has over a decade of experience in introducing, managing and customising highly modified versions of Microsoft Dynamics for medium-to-large companies and placing them on a roadmap of continuous improvement.


An ERP Partner with the appropriate experience to manage Microsoft product upgrades smoothly with practices in place to ensure business continuity.
We will manage ERP upgrades and patches and apply regression testing to ensure code stability and ensure the smooth running of your operations.


A Partner who is able to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue and be able to determine the right course of action.
Our experience and hands-on approach makes us the ideal ERP partner who can deliver effective solutions and support in a short time frame.


An ERP Partner who can deliver solutions in a cost effective manner and provide support without the need for your IT budget to grow out of proportion.

Benefit from access to a skilled and experienced team who can deliver ERP support at a reasonable price without any hidden fees.

Customers who work with us gain access to our transparent approach to billing. We provide our customers with accurately estimated work plans and detailed reporting and billing.


A Partner who is able and willing to collaborate with your IT Team to deliver an effective ERP environment.
We allocate appropriate time to deliver training and support to all personnel and ensure to establish a cooperative and empowering relationship with your team.

Solution Oriented Approach

Our staff have a solution-oriented mindset and friendly approach which helps ensure an amicable win-win partnership. We are effective problem solvers with 10+ years of experience who know that the best results stem from effective communication and knowledge sharing practices.

Our Methodology


Whenever a customer files an incident report we analyse and identify the width of the issue. Our first priority is to ensure that the business can maintain operational continuity. We may recommend a short-term solution to clear any blocking matters for your team. Once all blockers have been cleared we investigate the incident in detail to identify the underlying cause and provide a long term solution. When the underlying cause has been identified we will elicit all possible actions and identify the most effective action that will deliver the best value.


We have a solution-oriented approach in searching for the right solution to your support request. We will cooperate with your team to ensure that any solution provided by us fits your business operational requirements and maintain the overall quality of your ERP system. In addition to delivering any changes to your systems, we identify any business process improvements that may be required to prevent a future recurrence. In all the solutions that we provide and implement we ensure that all changes will ultimately fit in with the overall business strategy. We will also hold your hand when starting to use the new functionality to ensure you maximise the value of it.

Continuous Improvement

Further to any change requests, we will determine if future improvements are required to the business process. We will also work side by side with your team to engage in a feedback loop and provide continuous recommendations for adapting, adjusting and improving your business process to follow industry best practices.