ERP Advisory

We start each project with a Discovery phase during which we will perform a gap analysis and provide recommendations. It will assist your business in taking corrective action and adopt the latest industry standards and best practices.

We will provide you with a Roadmap that outlines the required course of action from the introduction of an ERP to post Go-Live and day-to-day operations.

With hands-on leadership, guidance and expertise we can investigate your derailing ERP project and restore your original expectations. We will investigate the project in detail to determine the exact causes of the problems and devise corrective action to get your project back on track.

Keys to success


What you need

Our Approach


An Advisor who can help you understand if and how an ERP can be implemented and deliver value within your business. You need experts to help you understand any gaps within collected information and business processes so that you can avoid unforeseen costs and delays

One of the main reasons which causes ERP Projects to fail is the lack of a clear understanding, between the parties, of the project expectations. Our team of experts will conduct a readiness exercise for ERP Implementation and use the outcome to provide guidance on addressing any gaps that are identified through our investigation.

We help you define the information that you need to provide your ERP Implementation Partner so as to drastically reduce misunderstandings and unnecessary functionality in your ERP of choice.


An unbiased reporting entity that provides clear, accurate and effective reporting about the current business situation and its future needs. There is the risk that ERP Implementation Partners try to convince you that you are ready for an ERP so as to push forward with the Implementation project. You need an ERP Implementation partner who values project success over projects acquired.

We will help you define your vision, strategy, project scope, and implementation methodology.

We also identify the core competencies that are required both within your organisation and within ours to ensure that we can tackle the implementation.

We will investigate the best solution, optimise your licensing needs, and help you build up your team so that there is internal alignment within your organisation throughout the ERP Implementation Project.


An ERP which delivers value through proper intelligent automation and effectively improves your operations and does not simply mirror current business processes onto the ERP. An Advisor who is able to pinpoint the areas where the ERP’s technology can optimise your operations out of the box, where customisation is required, and if necessary, what third party modules may be required to appropriately address your business needs.
We assign the right advisors depending on your industry and project complexity so as to make sure that you get the best advice we have to offer. Carabao Ltd. is able to engage in projects with varied complexity since we can rely on our international network when we need to source highly specific skills and experience which is specific to your needs.


A Discovery Stage which performs a high-level analysis that goes into the necessary detail and is thorough enough to deliver full transparency on the potential costs involved. Many Implementation Partners skip this stage in order to lower costs. This may result jeopardising the ROI of the project as there would not be a clear understanding by both parties of the project scope, objectives and requirements.
Carabao Ltd. implements Agile practices to deliver an effective pricing model which delivers value at an early stage and consistently increases the delivered value throughout the project implementation. We offer full transparency on the planned deliverables for each project stage. This enables you to clearly and constantly measure the ROI of your investment in our services with no surprises.


A Change Management process where the vision, mission and strategy of your company is being reflected in the implementation of the ERP.
We will guide you to set up appropriate risk management processes and identify how to implement these in your ERP. We will monitor throughout the project that your operational requirements are aligned with your overall business strategy.

Visibility & Measurability


A key success factor in an ERP implementation is the ability to clearly visualise what is sought to be achieved and how. Risk management and risk mitigation plans are essential for the successful implementation of the project.

An Advisor who truly cares about the success of your Implementation will give you that peace of mind that the project outcomes are in line with your expectations.

Workshop Preparation Phase

During this phase we meet with your organization's high level management team to understand the vision and the strategy. We will explain how an ERP implementation can help you unlock your potential and we will elicit the required preparation for the next phase. We will also guide in preparing for the Problem Definition sessions.

Problem Definition Sessions

In the Problem Definition sessions, we will discuss the aspects of the business that need to be improved. We will meet with various key users in the organization to understand the current business processes and any planned changes.

Solution Analysis Sessions

We structure our Solution Analysis sessions based on your specific needs, describing best practices and present how an ERP can address them. During these sessions will go through the functionality that an ERP can provide to address your strategic requirements. The sessions will be based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, which is one of the best and most scalable ERP solutions available, however, it is important to specify that since these will be high level discussions and therefore, the same concepts are also applicable to other ERP platforms.

Discovery Stage Report

This report will deliver a project proposition and include our conclusions regarding your Project Readiness, a detailed overview of your main information requirements including a Scope/Out of Scope Breakdown, Business process overview, a Fit/Gap Overview and our final recommendations.