ERP Partner Assistance

Finding the right people takes time. Training takes even longer. Scale your IT team based on project demands. When in urgent need of a functional or technical ERP expert, you need that peace of mind that you have a reliable business partner to turn to.
Choose a partner who offers an open communication channel and who is interested in establishing long lasting relationships with its customers. A Partner who is willing to support your strategy in the long term. We are committed to hands-on knowledge transfer to synergise our efforts towards a successful implementation of your project.

Keys to success


What you need

Our Approach


You need Functional and Technical experts who have the necessary expertise to properly deliver on your Client requirements. Rushing the recruitment process might result in a team of individuals who are not the right fit for your project. Training on the job with juniors may tarnish your reputation with your Client.
We are experts with over 10 years’ experience in Dynamics 365. We are very selective when choosing the Projects to take on because we need to make sure that we have the expertise to deliver on your specific needs. When additional expertise is required from our end, we rely on our international network to source the highly specific skills and experience required by your project.


You need the peace of mind that you can rely on your Partner’s ability to support you when needed and in a timely manner.

Project Sign-on delays and Project Implementation delays, particularly in these uncertain times might find you with a shortage of experts for a new project. When the right staff are not available, you need to know that your Partner has got you covered.

We are not recruiters who focus on selling services to earn a commission. We are a group of likeminded business and technical professionals who pride ourselves with the quality of the work produced.

Our customers are our witness to the excellence that we deliver in our solutions.

We always prioritise our existing clients over acquiring new ones.
When faced with urgent and short notice requests, we seek to find external experts even when we were not going to profit from it.


You need individual talent who can hit the ground running whenever needed.

When needing to move around staff on various projects you need people who are quick on picking up things and are immediately effective to the project.

The advantage of holding a lasting relationship with us is that by time, we learn exactly what kind of people that fit best in your teams and we can set up the right people for you in no time.

We assign you an Account manager who deals directly with your Project Managers and Team Leads to ensure that our performance and effectiveness towards achieving your goals is to your satisfaction.


You need an ERP Partner who can provide access to a pool of skilled people that can address your specific needs seamlessly without burning a hole in your pocket.

Keeping spare capacity is not ideal at the moment. The cost of introducing contractors can strain the financial stability of your project. The cheaper costs but possibly a lower quality of an Offshore Partner can tarnish your brand.

We offer a fair hourly rate with discounted packages for longer engagements.

The price is fair for what we believe is the value for money that you get from the quality of work while keeping in mind the difficult times that we are going through with Covid.


You need a collaborative effort between internal and external staff focused towards business process optimisation of the end Client.

An Offshore Partner might not integrate well with your current technical team. Scheduling problems due to the time difference could result in downtime and communication issues.

From our experience in collaborating with different partners in various projects, we realised that many issues crop up primarily because of a difference in core values, work ethic or conflicting objectives. We dedicate the necessary time to understand a company’s values and aspirations because we believe that synergy is essential.

We are a multicultural team operating in Malta, collectively experienced in onsite or remote work arrangements. This allows us to integrate with international teams easily, as well as adopt different development methodologies, although we prefer Agile.

Our Team

D365 FSCM Solution Architects
D365 FSCM Technical Architects
D365 FSCM Functional Consultants
D365 FSCM Senior Developers
D365 CE & Power App Senior Developers

Our Methodology

Requirements Definition

We will discuss with you the skillset and number of people you require for your project to determine the right fit to your requirements.

Choice of Team Members

We will determine who is the best fit. In the event that we don’t have the necessary skillset due to the particular set of skills required, we will reach out to our network to find the right person for the job. We want to ensure that our customers are satisfied by the people delivering the project, thus we offer our customer the possibility to interview interview our staff and also have a trial period.


Our team members will be dedicated to your project and apply a solution-oriented approach. We will follow up on the progress of your project to ensure everything is running smoothly and that we are continuously exceeding your expectations.

Continuous Feedback Loop

We establish a Continuous Feedback loop with your team so we can further understand how you work and how we can adapt to your operational needs. This will also help us plan ahead to make sure that your requirements are continuously met by our services.