Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Carabao Implementing Dynamics 365 for Zrar Limited

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with Bonnici Group. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Zrar Limited aims to optimize operations and meet their unique business needs. 

Understanding Zrar’s Operations: We are closely collaborating with the Zrar management team to identify opportunities for system integration and optimisation. This collaborative effort is allowing the team to gain invaluable insights into Zrar’s operations and align the new system with their expectations.

Tailored Solution for Enhanced Efficiency: Carabao is committed to providing Zrar Limited with a tailored solution that not only meets their specific needs but also enhances operational efficiency. The implementation is expected to streamline operations, reduce costs, and contribute to overall efficiency improvements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Bonnici Group’s Digitization Strategy: The implementation of Dynamics 365 for Zrar Limited aligns with the Bonnici Group’s ongoing digitization strategy. With a strong focus on operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, the group leverages cutting-edge technology solutions. Dynamics 365 plays a vital role in streamlining operations, reducing costs, and minimizing the group’s carbon footprint.

A Successful Partnership: Bonnici Group has been partnering up with Carabao for the past 2 and a half years, having successfully implemented D365 at UNEC while also supporting their D365 implementation at JYSK.com.mt.

  • About Bonnici Group: Bonnici Group is a forward-thinking organization that prioritizes digitization and environmental responsibility. Through the strategic adoption of innovative technologies, the group aims to optimize operations while minimizing their carbon footprint. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a key component of their digitization strategy.

  • About Zrar Limited: Żrar Ltd is well known locally for its production and supply of construction materials. With its very own manufacturing plants and hard stone quarry, Żrar Ltd is an integral part of the Bonnici Group and was founded in 1983.

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