Is your current ERP Partner letting you down? Do you have a poor implementation roadmap? Do you lack a good discovery phase? Are there Conflicting values and frustrations?

Is your Microsoft ERP Project not going well or completely stopped?

We can salvage your problematic project!

What is this offer about?

Carabao specialises in helping companies struggling with a troubled project. We can provide businesses with a fresh perspective to push the ERP project to successful completion. 

How will you do that?

We will need access to your Dynamics 365 environment. We’ll have a short conversation around scope of your implementation to understand why the project maybe failing. Our consultants will then diagnose issues, identify root causes of project failures and recommend adequate solutions and corrective actions.

What's in it for me?

All we ask is that you give us 3 problems that your current supplier cannot resolve. If we can’t resolve them, we won’t charge you, if we do, then we would charge on a time & materials basis. You will also receive a FOC recommendation report.

What’s in it for Carabao?

We get to work with you – a new customer – and to show you a little of what we can do!

Need Help?

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you with a way forward.