The 5 reasons why we subscribe to Microsoft’s Partner Code of Conduct

Microsoft has established a comprehensive Partner Code of Conduct consisting of five key pillars. In this article, we aim to highlight our unwavering belief in these values and emphasize how we integrate them into our business practices. By aligning ourselves with Microsoft’s principles, we strive to foster enduring relationships with our Clients. Let’s delve into each of the pillars and explore why they resonate with our core values.

  1. Trust with our Customers: At the heart of Microsoft’s mission to help people ‘achieve more’ lies the imperative to prioritise customers. Similarly, we firmly believe that customer-centricity is the pathway to success. We have embraced this principle and centered our core values on the notion of caring about our clients’ success. We established a robust Code of Ethics, to cultivate lasting relationships with our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and enabling them to accomplish their goals.

  2. Trust with Government and Communities: Operating within the boundaries of the law is not only a legal obligation but also a fundamental tenet of our commitment to Microsoft’s Partner Code of Conduct. We understand that adhering to the laws of the countries where we operate is essential for maintaining trust. By upholding these regulations, we demonstrate our dedication to fulfilling our promises.

  3. Trust with Each Other: Teamwork is a central value within our organisation, just as Microsoft emphasizes its importance in fostering strong teams. We firmly agree with Microsoft’s assertion that trust in one another forms the foundation of effective collaboration. By promoting a culture of trust, both internally and in partnership with our clients, we aim to solve problems collectively and drive meaningful outcomes. Any actions that undermine this trust contradict our operational ethos, and we are committed to upholding this value at all times.

  4. Trust with our Investors and the Public: Integrity lies at the core of our commitment to “creating value in a responsible way,” a principle emphasized by Microsoft’s Partner Code of Conduct. We firmly believe that conducting business honestly and ethically is a reflection of our dedication to Microsoft and our various stakeholders. By embracing this value, we demonstrate our commitment to responsible business practices, which not only benefits our investors but also earns the trust and support of the broader public.

  5. Trust with our Representatives: As Microsoft partners, we recognize the significance of aligning ourselves with the standards set by Microsoft. Their values resonate with ours, and we utilize the Partner Code of Conduct as the basis for our own Code of Ethics. By leveraging Microsoft’s established framework, we ensure that our business practices are in harmony with their vision. This alignment enables us to create value and serve as trustworthy representatives of both Microsoft and our own organisation.

By embracing Microsoft’s Partner Code of Conduct, we reinforce our commitment to operating with integrity and fostering trust with our customers, government and communities, each other and the public, as well as our representatives. These five pillars form the bedrock of our business practices, enabling us to build lasting relationships, drive positive change, and deliver value responsibly. Through our adherence to these principles, we not only align ourselves with Microsoft’s vision but also demonstrate our dedication to ethical and trustworthy conduct in all aspects of our operations.

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