Choosing the right Microsoft Partner to collaborate with

The usual paradigm is to reach for the right Microsoft Partner who, in light of the project requirements, offers the best combination of:


While the notions of Price and Time are pretty straightforward, quality is definitely a bit more complicated to assess, because there is an element of subjectivity in how different stakeholders in the organisation interpret it.

From a result-centric philosophy, assessing the quality of a Partner can be defined by how well you believe the Partner will help in prompting the end Client to recommend your service.


But for your employees, quality also encompasses the Partner’s ability to integrate with your:

In researching this blog piece, I found a very good article by Jonathan Webb who points out common issues and ways to mitigate them. Tactical solutions to minor operational differences, however, can only be resolved if at the core of the collaboration, the people involved in the project share the same core values on how to approach work.


I find that in a nutshell, the question that decision makers should ask themselves is –

Are We a Good Fit?

At the end of the day, it will be down to individuals sitting down together and getting things done. If there is synergy, fine. If not, there will be an ‘us and them’ attitude which will cause many other problems. The end result – The Client is not satisfied with the delivered product.

I therefore recommend that key people at operational level from both sides should have frantic talks prior to entering into an engagement.

We sometimes forget that at the base of any business partnership is a group of people whose respective expectancies need to be met for a relationship to flourish.


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